Richard S. Barnett

Bird Carols

He brings us peace;

His name is Love,

Coos the Dove.

He feeds us

‘till we want no more,

Quoth the Raven, Evermore.

He watches over me,

Chirps the Sparrow:

I know—

He said so.


Sings the Lark:

Higher than I can fly,

Hosts sing His praise on High!

Sharp of eye and ear,

Mourns the Owl,

He sees through dark

Into your heart.

Though high, low,

And far I roam,

Trills the Swallow,

He leads me home.

He never fails,

Calls the Quail,

To light our way

Through death’s dark Vale.


* After “Bird Psalm” in U. A. Fanthorpe, Christmas Poems (London: Enitharmon Press & Peterloo Poets, 2002), p. 55